Friday, June 18, 2004


Liar, Liar, ...

Somebody is lying. I know that this is the third day for this same topic, but something is definitely wrong here. In this article from CNN, Cheney reasserts that Iraq was associated with al Qaeda. Alright, fine, let's agree to disagree on this issue. But I want to take a look at the last line of the article:

Probably?! How would that be possible? Hasn't the 9/11 commission conducted hours upon hours of interviews and analysis? Wasn't everyone interviewed under oath and thereby required to be truthful? Oh wait, there were two people that weren't required to be under oath. Who was that?

If Cheney knows something the 9/11 commission is unaware of, then that can only mean that he and/or President Bush withheld information. Just like everything else, they have not been truthful or forthcoming. Why can't this administration just be honest. Why do they continue to hide the truth. I would think that after all the heat they have taken over Iraq, that they would be willing to come forth with some sort of "smoking gun" evidence that could justify their actions. But no, they continue to keep secrets. Why? Better yet, what exactly is the lie? Is it that they know something that they aren't telling or is the lie simply that they know something. Could Cheney's information be the lie?

Either way, someone in this administration has lied again. How many times do they get to lie about why our soldiers are dying before someone, the Democrats, the media, anyone, will call them on it? Has our nation become that spineless? God help us if we have.

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