Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Apparently, Patience Is Not A Virtue

As Georgieboy blathered, babbled, and contradicted his way through his monthly press conference today, he gave the bloggers plenty to feast on. From his contradictions about Social Security's solvency to his nonsensical answers concerning the legislative process, George is a blogger's wet dream. Every time he opens his mouth he gives us something we can make fun of even if it's nothing more than his "why do you guys keep asking me these hard questions" tone.

But today I thought the defining moment came in one of the less memorable moments. When asked about John Bolton's status as the UN nominee, Bush replied in a way that really summed up everything that is wrong with his administration. He said:

If you disregard the fact that he said "up or down vote" six times (remember what he said about why he repeats himself), you might have noticed that he seems to be criticizing the Democrts for trying to do the right thing. He doesn't like the fact that they are taking their time to make sure they do the right thing. You also might have noticed over the last four years that this seems to be the modus operandi for Georgieboy's entire tenure in office.

Ever since he was first installed by the SCOTUS, it's been hurry, hurry, hurry. He doesn't wait for anything. Right after taking office, he pushed through tax cuts. Had he waited he might have seen the economic ramifications those tax cuts would bring. But no...Can't wait! Soon thereafter came September 11 and we had to hurry up and pass the Patriot Act to give law enforcement the necessary tools to effectively fight the war on terror. Had we waited, Congress may have had time to review the constitution-destroying piece of garbage before approving it sight-unseen and we could have then passed a more equal and effective piece of legislation. But again...Gotta' hurry! Had we taken the time to let the weapons inspectors on the ground in Iraq complete their job, we probably would have known that Saddam Hussein did not possess the weapons of mass destruction that we thought he did and thousands of soldiers would still be alive and unhurt. However...No time to spare! And now Georgieboy is telling us to hurry up. After all, we need to get an ambassador to the UN and we need it quickly.

The truth is, the Democrats are waiting on information that just might save the country from rushing into yet another mistake. Confirming the wrong person to the post could have future consequences that would be hazardous to our future foreign relationships. In other words, they're trying to get it right the first time. For four years now, we've been watching an administration that has taken the attitude that any idea is a good idea. You know, just because you have an idea doesn't necessarily make it a good one. Take Social Security for instance. The administration's idea involves private accounts that nearly two-thirds of the American public opposes. But all we hear is "Well, at least we have a plan." Yeah, they've got one alright. It's a shitty one, but they've got one. However, that doesn't mean that congress should rush right out and pass it. As the old saying goes, "If you can't find the time to do something right today, when are you going to find the time to fix it tomorrow?"

George wants the Democrats to hurry up and confirm John Bolton. He wants them to hurry up and pass his Social Security plan. He wants them to hurry up and... Well, you get the idea. Unfortunately for him, the Democrats are trying make sure that they get it right the first time so they don't have to fumble around in the future trying to correct another mistake. We've already seen it with the tax cuts, the Patriot Act, the invasion of Iraq, and countless other blunders from the current administration. Excuse us for trying to learn from past mistakes.

So Georgie's just going to have to be patient. We Democrats are going to do our best to make sure that he doesn't screw up anymore than he already has.

Monday, May 30, 2005


A Pre-emptive "Bring 'Em On?"

In an attempt to goad Saddam Hussein into a war, US and British forces began an air assault on Iraq in 2002. Months before the UN Resolution 1441.

The ramifications of this story are numerous. First, this proves that we had decided to invade Iraq long before it was publicly announced. Second, this lends credence to the Downing Street memo that said "Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." And third, WE KNEW THAT SADDAM DID NOT POSSESS WMD!

If we thought that Saddam truly possessed WMD, wouldn't this have put our security at risk? Wouldn't this have endangered the entire Middle East and possibly the world? Clearly, this is either the most reckless administration in history or we knew ahead of time that Saddam didn't have the WMD that we claimed he did. Which means that Colin Powell was sent to the UN to LIE! Which means that all of those speeches were full of LIES! Which means that this war that has killed over 1600 men and women that are being honored on this Memorial Day was predicated on a LIE!

It's as if George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and all the others are saying, "Happy Fuckin' Memorial Day, everybody! Your loved ones didn't have to die, but then you wouldn't have anything to do today would you?"

(I'm not sure what's more offensive, my government lying to my face or the mainstream media ignoring it completely. This morning I scoured all of the major US news outlets and I can't find anything even mentioning this. Damn liberal media!)

Friday, May 27, 2005


Spare Change

For a while now I've been following this story out of Ohio concerning the Republican party and some rare coins. It seems that back in 1998 $50 million of the state's worker's compensation money was invested in these rare coins. The involvement of one of the party's largest donors, Tom Noe, made it a little suspect but nobody seemed to get too upset about it. Until now. It was recently discovered that over $10 million worth of coins is missing. It's suspected that some of that $10 million may have been used to make contributions to political campaigns including that of one George W. Bush. Today we learned that the director of the states worker's compensation fund, James Conrad, is going to resign.

(DailyKos has a nice summary of the whole mess here complete with links.)

This whole thing smells fishy. Someone needs to fry. (No pun intended.)

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Good Ol' American Justice

As if we needed any further proof that any organization is unable to investigate itself, the Marine Corp provides us with this.

60 times? Reloading? No punishment? And we wonder why how our image gets tarnished? It must be that false Newsweek story that turn out to be not false.

Now, before anyone jumps down my throat for having a "blame-the-troops" attitude, let me say that I believe the actions of this one soldier to be outside the norm. This is an example of one soldier behaving poorly and should not reflect on all of our troops. However, those cultures or countries that are in opposition to us will use this to paint our entire country as unjust and bent toward the destruction of the Muslim culture. If we are going to allow this type of behavior to go unpunished, how can we expect to win the hearts and minds of anyone?

The sad truth is this: As long as we allow our own soldiers to commit barbaric acts of desecration and murder, we will never be able to promote democracy and freedom in that part of the world. Part of democracy means equality and justice for all. That can't come to fruition unless we are willing to live by the standard ourselves.

If his story is legitimate, I could have understood the shooting. But not sixty times. Not reloading. Not hanging a sign. This is barbarism and allowing to go unpunished makes the entire Marine Corps complicit in the event. And it damages our country's already tarnished image. We can do better.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Death Sentence

As he did so many times as the Governor of Texas, George W. Bush has once again decided that he will not "err on the side of life." By promising to veto any legislation that promotes easing the current regulations on embryonic stem cell research, Bush has consigned what could become millions of people worldwide to a death that could possibly be postponed. According to Bush crony/de facto spokseman Tom DeLay:

As usual, though, he is not giving you the complete story. DeLay makes it sound as if embryos will be destroyed without consideration for the alternatives. However, the bill he was discussing takes into consideration all of the alternatives before the stem cell option is even available.

The ethical problem begins with the assumption that a life is going to be destroyed for the sake of research. However, many of the unused embryos that researchers seek to use will be destroyed anyway. Does it make it more ethical to destroy them without any gain whatsoever than it does to gleen potentially life saving information from them? I think not. As it stands now parents can choose to donate their children's organs to help others in the event that the child is injured beyond saving. Is it really any less ethical to donate your unused embryos that will be destroyed anyway? Again, I think not.

Outside of the life issue, the biggest obstacle to stem cell research appears to be that nobody is really sure what benefits can come from it. But let's go back and look at our history shall we? Have we always been sure of the outcomes of our experimentations? What about the Wright brothers? How about the polio vaccine? What about manned space flight? Were we convinced that all of these endeavors would turn out positive? What if the Wright brothers crashed? What if Dr. Salk was wrong? What if man couldn't survive in zero gravity? In every case there was a potential risk, but the prospect of progress outweighed the risks. In fact, the Bush administration's own policy in the war on terror involves the risk of possible death for thousands of soldiers all for the sake of progress.

The House of Representatives has done the right thing by passing this bill and it is expected that the Senate will do likewise. It would be in the best interest of millions of individuals if George W. Bush would "err on the side of life" and support this potentially life-saving piece of legislation.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


On Second Thought...

Maybe I was a little quick to judge last night's deal concerning Bush's judicial nominees and the nuclear option. I still don't think it was in our best interest, but it's certainly got the Republican base all in a tizzy. Check out the comments from Free Republic.

It appears as if the right is viewing this as a major defeat for their side. Check out Dobson's reaction:

ConservativeOutpost says "GOP grabs the ankles:"

Power Line seems pissed:

And those over at Confirmthem.com are less than pleased:

So maybe I jumped the gun a little. I don't like the deal but neither do the Republican faithful and if this deal actually drives voters away from the Republican party it could become a major victory for us. I'm not going to hold my breath though. I have yet to meet too many conservatives that can follow through on their promises. Besides, once the party leaders see the dissention in the ranks, they're liable to whip the nuclear option back out in the blink of an eye (say maybe around July of 2006) if they think it will win them some votes. You'd think the conservative base would get tired of being treated like cheap whores on election day, but they don't seem to mind.

Monday, May 23, 2005


One Step Forward...

According to the AP, we have a deal.

I have to wonder...why? Why did the Democrats make this deal? What advantage have we gained? After opposing these nominees for all this time, we've just decided to say, "Okay, we give." WTF? Talk about caving in!

According to the actual agreement, the Democrats will only filibuster future nominees "under extraordinary circumstances." Once again, WTF? Who determines what are and what aren't extraordinary circumstances? Didn't we think that the current nominees were "extraordinary circumstances?" Isn't that why we were filibustering them in the first place. And what happens if we decide that the requirement of "extraordinary circumstances" has been reached and the Republicans don't agree? I think this quote from Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) pretty much sums it up:

Translation: "This deal doesn't mean a fucking thing. If the Democrats filibuster we just might decide to change our minds and reneg on the deal."

I don't get this deal. In my opinion, the Republicans just won. They got what they wanted without having to give up anything yet. If things don't go their way in the future, they'll just whip out the nuclear option again. We surrendered without them having to actually fire their weapon. They just waved it in our face and we threw up our hands. I really shouldn't be all that surprised I guess. After all, we're dealing with the likes of Lieberman and Salazar. If I were Harry Reid, I'd be pissed. These guys just cut the legs out from under him. How can we expect to be taken seriously in the future?

As they say, one step forward, two steps back. We can't continue to give in. We held the high ground on this issue. The polls were with us and we gave it up. Bad choice in my opinion. Bad choice.

Friday, May 20, 2005



It's been a busy day. Today was the last day of student attendance for this school year. Between trying to corrale the students and finish my work, it was pretty exhausting. So tonight, I'm going to direct you to a recent speech by Bill Moyers, formerly of PBS. On May 15, Moyers spoke to the National Conference for Media Reform in St. Louis. It was nothing short of stunning. You can read the entire speech here, or you can listen to a recording of it here.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

It's quite a long speech, but as you can see from these excerpts, it's well worth it.

Have a good weekend! I'll see you back here Monday night.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


I Just Love It When You Do Girl-On-Girl...Please Pass the Salt

I can just picture the look on the faces of the right-wing fundies when they read this.

And if that's not enough, she's also a criminal.

Ewwwww! Georgieboy might not want to shake hands with her.

This is a perfect example of the hypocrisy that pervades this White House. First, you run for office on the promise that you'll "restore dignity to the White House." Then you get re-elected by the "values voters" of America. Then you invite someone who makes a living by sucking cock on camera to the White House for a National Republican Congressional Committee event. Classic.

But this is typical. When it's election time, the Republicans are the party of Christian morals and family values, but for those in between years it's all about money and whores (and I'm not just talking about the ones that'll give you a handjob in the alley for $10). The Republican party will do anything to get themselves elected including hijacking a person's faith only to throw it back in their face later. Dobson and Falwell must be so proud.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Please Excuse My (Over)Reach

Has the warranty run out on our new government, because it looks like we're a little disappointed with it.

Wow! It only took four months and our Republican controlled everything has already worn out its welcome. Let's look at some of the numbers.

So how does something like this happen? After all, let's not forget that Georgieboy had a mandate just a few months ago. Remember? He was going to spend his political capital. Well, let's see. What has our Republican controlled government been focused on lately? I seem to recall Terri Schiavo being a big deal. Steroids. We've held hearings on that. Filibusters. Can't forget Poland the filibuster. Oh yeah, and there's that one guy that looks like Ron Goldman's father, what's his name....Oh! John Bolton; Bush's UN nominee that lied under oath.

You know, it's refreshing to see our Republican controlled government focused so intently on things like controlling the deficit, extricating ourselves from Iraq, solving the Social Security problem...wait...never mind.

You see, our Republican controlled government has spent so much time whining and posturing about the Democrats' unwillingness to kiss their ass, that they've neglected their duties. All the while they're cozying up to the radical fringes of their party, protecting an ethical train wreck, and running from their past. Meanwhile, the American public, red and blue alike, is getting tired of the excuses, the lies, the abuses, and the empty promises.

So it comes as no surprise that the public is less than satisfied with its choice this past November. In fact, all of the latest polls show a lean toward the Democrats regaining control of Congress in 2006. Man! That buyer's remorse sure is a bitch, isn't it. Heh!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005



Sometimes you just have to step aside and let the blog write itself.

George Galloway, British MP, in a statement before the US Senate, by which he is implicated in the UN Oil-for-Food scandal.

I have nothing else to say. I think Mr. Galloway pretty much covered it all.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Is That George W. Vader?

Now I have heard it all. The new Star Wars movie is anti-American!

Give me a break! Look, if conservative America has a guilty conscience about what has been done in their name, who's fault is that? George Lucas'? Please!

What's even funnier is the comments made by some of our best and brightest who were sent there by Matt Drudge. Let's sample some of their wisdom, shall we?

Oh my, I could read poetry like that for hours!

Unfortunately, the point these dolts are missing is that this story was written over thirty years ago. Georgie-boy was still trying to dodge the draft at that point. But the conservatives are not going to let a ripe chance like this go by without screaming about oppression. Oh, the poor downtrodden conservatives in this country. They are discriminated against on a daily basis. Honestly, this pathetic screed against the liberal media and Hollywood has really gone too far. Quit blaming them for your guilty conscience red America. The only person you have to blame is your own dear leader. He's the one that put you in this awkward situation of having to choose between loyalty to your country and your own conscience.

Friday, May 13, 2005


Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Rush Limbaugh, the largest and loudest of the AM blowhards, has once again made an ass of himself.

Not only is this a completely ignorant comment about something he clearly doesn't understand (I know, that's an everyday occurance for Rush) but it's also a very revealing statement about the radical right. The article goes on to say:

Railed against multicultural education? What year is this, 1805? What is wrong with understanding other cultures? Unless of course you're a racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobe.

Do you find it odd that Rush thinks it's important for our youth to know about Adolf Hitler but not for them to understand the Middle Eastern culture? If you read the opinion piece by Molly Bingham that I linked to the other day, she makes the case that we will never have peace in the Middle East unless we understand who and what we are dealing with.

But Rush doesn't want to understand. Rush would rather live in his oxycontin-colored world and believe that everything is okay as long as Georgie-boy says it is. His Nazi-like view of other cultures is truly alarming. However, not nearly as alarming as the millions of listeners that absorb his bullshit without ever stopping to question it. Hey fat ass, there are literally hundreds of other countries in this world. We have to deal with them when it comes to world affairs. Don't you think it would make sense for our future generations to understand what they are like?

Oh, and another thing. Unless you're 100% Native American, your ancestors came here from another country, it just wasn't called multiculturalism at the time. Back then it was called immigration. A lot of people did it. Why do you think our country is called the melting pot of the world? Hint: It had nothing to do with the fondue craze of the seventies.

In case you were wondering, Rush was completely wrong about the students not knowing anything about history.

Rush, you are a dickhead! You sit on your ass and bloviate about things you know nothing of while you hide behind your microphone. You are not an educator. Don't pretend like you know what it's about and what it should be doing. I'll tell you what, you refrain from pretending like you know something about education and I'll stop pretending like I know anything about doctor shopping. What do you say? We got a deal?

SIDENOTE: The Frist watch has now entered day four and still no vote. Instead of responding with the vote that he claims the American people want, Frist has decided to resort to the age-old tried-and-true Republican method of smearing the shit out of their opponent. The guys over at dailyKos have the story. It's almost laughable it's so pathetic.

Have a great weekend! I'll see you Monday night.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Apparently Sen. George Voinovich is, if the big bad wolf is the Republican party leadership. I take back everything I said about him. He pussed out, plain and simple.

If he's the wrong man then Voinovich should have voted against him and saved the full Senate from having to waste time voting on the wrong fucking man! Apparently, Voinovich decided to pull a Hagel. He'll vote for him in committee but not in the full Senate. WTF? You see, originally I thought that this was just a way for Sen. Hagel to save face. He would vote to send him to the floor but then vote against him so he could go back home and pretend his hands were clean if everything went bad. But after hearing Voinovich's words today, I think there's more to this than just chickenshit politics. Voinovich said:

Do you see it now? I do. This is about the nuclear option. A while ago I posted about my thoughts on the Bolton nomination.

This is a set up and now Voinovich is on board as well. The Republicans are using the Bolton nomination as fodder for their anti-filibuster fight. They know the Democrats are going to oppose him and this only helps them to paint the left as the party of obstruction. Meanwhile they're selling their souls to Frist and Rove in the name of party loyalty.

What's truly awful about this is that it's the American people who will suffer so the Republican party can gain a little political capital. The face of America at the UN will now be that of John Bolton. When the world's ambassadors deal with us it will be done through a brash, manipulative, "kiss-up, kick-down" person. But hey, it'll make the Democrats look bad, so fuck it!

So I want to know...Who's playing politics now?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Frist Watch - Day 2

As I posted yesterday, Sen Minority Leader Harry Reid has basically thrown down the gauntlet to Majority Leader Bill Frist by saying let's vote on the nuclear option. As I'm writing this, Sen. Frist has not responded. I'm not going to hold my breath. I think Frist knows he just got his bluff called.

Another challenge was thrown down recently and this time it was to George W. Bush.

Hmmm. No response. I wonder why?

Now here's a little something to make the Republicans happy.

Those damn liberal judges! Someone has to put a stop to them. Uuuuggh!

To counteract the Republican joy, however, there was this today from the Financial Times.

Tax cuts are working! They're working, I tell you! Uh...uh....9/11! War on terror! Hey, look over there!

And finally tonight, if you haven't already read this opinion piece from Sunday's Louisville, Kentucky, Courier Journal, I highly recommend it. It's a little long, but well worth the time.

Things have been pretty hectic around kissfan mansion lately. With the school year winding down, things have been happening pretty fast and furious. I hope to get back to some actual blogging in the very near future. But for now, I'll see you back here tomorrow night!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


"He's Got Big Balls!"

So sayeth Bon Scott.

And it certainly applies to Senator Harry Reid. After numerous threats from the conservatives to pull the trigger on the nuclear option, Sen. Reid says "bring it on."

In other words, "Whip it out, fucker! Let's see what you've got!"

I may not agree with Sen. Reid on every issue (abortion), but he has been a fighter since the word go. Between Reid and Howard Dean, I think the Republican party has been back on its heels lately. For so many years the Democratic Party has been one of acquiescence. If you need any proof of that look at how John Kerry handled the Swift Boat attacks. Look at how easily the Democrats rolled over on the Patriot Act or the war in Iraq. We gave in. But no more. Sen. Reid and Howard Dean have decided that the best defense is a good offense.

Obviously Reid is convinced that Frist doesn't have the votes. Either that or he's playing the biggest bluff in politics. Either way, he's clearly got a pair and he's not ashamed to whip 'em out when he needs to.

It will be interesting to see how Frist reacts to this. Will he take Reid up on his challenge or will he be forced to admit defeat? The way I see it, the balls in his court now. The longer he delays the weaker his position becomes.

Kudos to you Sen. Reid. You just took the upper hand.

Monday, May 09, 2005



This is George W. Bush's America?

Unbelievable. I'll bet the values voters are so proud.

Friday, May 06, 2005


"No Tree Left Behind"

In his continuing effort to dismantle everything from the Clinton administration, Georgieboy has now declared war on trees.

Why doesn't he just get to the point and say, "Fuck the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge, fuck the national forests, and fuck all you environmentalists." It's what he really wants to say. I just wish he'd quit beating around the bush about it. (No pun intended.)

Congratulations corporate America. You got what you paid for.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


"You Stole My Jesus Fish!"

Ah, the undeniable wisdom of David Putty.

That was the thought that came to mind as I read this:

(If you're not familiar with the Scopes Monkey Trial, it's a facinating story. It was as much theater as it was debate. For a [somewhat] quick synopsis, check out this site. In my opinion, it makes today's legal shows like Law & Order seem very mundane in terms of courtroom drama.)

I believe that the Kansas State Board of Education may be on the verge of a legal catastrophe. To understand why, we must go back to 1968 and the Supreme Court decision in Susan EPPERSON et al., Appellants, v. ARKANSAS. No. 7.

The case was brought by an Arkansas science teacher against the State because she feared legal repurcussions if she addressed the subject of evolution as put forth in the school districts new textbook. At the time, Arkasas (and Mississippi) had a law on the books making it illegal to teach any scientific theory that was in opposition to the book of Genisis. With the support of a local parent, the case was brought to a hearing in front of the Arkansas Supreme Court which upheld the law. Upon appeal to the US Supreme Court the court found in favor of the teacher and declared the law unconstitutional.

Make no mistake about it. Intelligent design is the new guise for creationism as put forth in the Book of Genisis. And according to the Intelligent Design Network's website, their best argument for the inclusion of intelligent design appears to be "Hey, why not." Check out the PDF titled "TEN REASONS WHY "EVOLUTION ONLY" IS LOGICALLY, SCIENTIFICALLY AND LEGALLY CONTROVERSIAL." The only real "reason" that I can come up with based upon this document is because they don't believe in evolution. They have no scientific evidence to prove their position. Maybe it's just me, but I find it ironic that they want their "ID" theory taught in science class, yet can't provide any true scientific evidence to support it. But hey, that's conservatives for you. They aren't going to let something as trivial as proof or facts get in the way of ramming their agenda down your throat.

What the KSBE is doing has already been declared unconstitutional. Basically, they are trying to sneak one past the goalie under the cloak of science. If the board votes in favor of intelligent design and this is allowed to go forth, it will open the door to more and more religious influence in the public schools thereby igniting a political firestorm all across the country that would legalize censorship and discrimination. This can not be allowed to happen. Write to your local newspapers. Call your local radio hosts. Make sure that people are aware of this potential hijacking of our Constitution. With enough pressure, the KSBE may actually bow to common sense.

The key passage from the 1968 Supreme Court decision:

Be sure to cite this in your letters. Refer to it in your conversations. The law is on our side.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


That Was Then...



...This Is Now


I don't know what else to say. It just keeps coming. Terrorists have been attacking our country at a rate of once every ten years. They're attacking Iraq, a country the size of California, once every few hours. All this freedom must be horrifying.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


...Pants On Fire!

April 28, 2005:

May 3, 2005:

Whoops! Apparently, Gen Richard Myers didn't get the memo. Or maybe he didn't watch the press conference. Or maybe he just forgot. OR maybe one of these two jackasses is lying! My money's on the short, stupid one.

How embarrassing. He claims, on national television no less, to have spoken to his "top military advisor" only to have that advisor directly contradict him less than a week later. This all begs the question, does he really not know? I mean, is it possible that he is this out of touch? Or is he just making shit up as he goes along? Either way, I think it's pretty solid evidence that we are dealing with a complete buffoon.


Monday, May 02, 2005


What Will We Tell the Children?

All aboard the Wayback Machine!

From November 28, 2004:

Well, brace yourself Reverend. You're not going to like what Laura Bush had to say:

What? The first lady of the United States watches Desperate Housewives? Does she know she's going to rot in Hell for that? Reverend Falwell must be so disappointed. But the debauchery doesn't stop there, oh no. Apparently the Washington women are all nothing but a bunch of trollops.

Ewwwww! That's a mental picture I didn't need to see. An aroused Karen Hughes could scare off a sailor pulling into dock, but a sweaty Ginsberg and O'Connor? Cough...cough..hack! I just threw-up in my mouth a little. Excuse me.....

Well if that wasn't enough (and in a just world it would be more than enough), Laura felt it necessary to tell us about Georgieboy's experiences with beastiality.

Now that's actually funny! George W. Bush with a handful of horse spooge! I'm sure even the good Reverend could get a chuckle out of that.

But despite all of the sinning, whoring, and horse masturbation, Laura Bush does seem to at least glimpse the truth. In a very enlightened moment, she made this comment:

Well at least she hasn't lost the ability to recognize a complete hack when she sees one.

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