Friday, June 25, 2004


Looking Out For #1

How many shady deals can our government perpetrate? How many times can we screw the Iraqis? Isn't it enough that we bombed their country, stole their oil, allowed terrorists to infiltrate their borders, and will be turning over a steaming pile of shit to them in about five days?

Apparently not. As I write this, our government is looking to extend Order 17 in Iraq which gives our troops immunity from prosecution for war crimes. This means that we can't be held accountable for killing innocent civilians and destroying property.

So in other words, we can do whatever we want and there's nothing Iraq can do about it. So much for sovereignty.

What are we afraid of? That the Iraqis might not appreciate us? What could they possibly be dissatisfied with? After all, we overthrew Saddam, a man with no military, no weapons, and no way of threatening our own country in order to install a democratic government which goes against the principals of their religion. Are we scared that they might want justice for the little torture incident at Abu Ghraib? Or maybe we're concerned that they might not be happy about our wrongful detention of hundreds of Iraqis. Then again, it could be that we've killed a few thousand innocent civilians. But that's just trivial stuff. After all, they're free. Now they can clean up our mess, fight off the terrorists we let in, and try to restore order to a country in chaos. I can't understand why we would want immunity. We've obviously done nothing wrong.

By the way, check out the mouth on Cheney.

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