Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Oh Mickey, You're So Fine

In contrast to Fahrenheit 9/11, the movie "Mickey Mouse" refused to release, the Disney corporation gives us "America's Heart and Soul." A movie that gives us a positive view of America.

I think these two films and their approach are a perfect example of the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Al Franken said it best when he stated that the right "loves America like a four-year-old loves her mommy. In other words, America can do no wrong and anyone who criticizes her is evil. On the other hand, the left loves America like an adult loves their parents. We recognize the good and the bad in them, but in the end we love them anyway."

Michael Moore's film is not about his hatred for America and the people going to see it are not there because they hate our country. Quite the contrary. As a liberal, and I use that word proudly, I love my country. There is no place on earth that I would rather be. However, our country is sick right now. We are not well. There is a deep divide in our country that is causing us to spew vile hate and filth at each other. All you have to do is listen to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity and you can hear the anger. Not just at liberals, but at anyone that doesn't agree with them. Republicans can't take constructive criticism. If it doesn't agree with them, it's wrong and un-American. The times that I have listened to Limbaugh and Hannity I am amazed at the hatred in these men. How can anyone hate another person or group of people so much that they would want them killed. I actually heard Hannity say that the only solution to our terror problem is to kill them. This is the party of God?

There's an old saying that a fish rots from the head down. Meaning everything starts at the top. The hate in this country comes from our leadership. Just last week we had our Vice President telling a member of congress to "go f@#! yourself." And the best part? Other Republicans justified it by saying it needed to be done and it was just good fun.

Michael Moore did not make his film out of hatred. He made his film out of love. Love for a country that he wants to see get well. Our country is dying and it's rotting from the head down. When you're sick you have to cure the disease to get better. Our disease is in the White House. We have a chance to cure this disease in November.

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