Wednesday, June 09, 2004



According to this article in the San Francisco Gate, our government can't count.

So let me get this straight, our government has been releasing false information to bolster support for the president? I'm shocked! I was told that this president would "bring integrity back to the White House." I was under the impression that he has "strong values" and a "commitment to the truth." Has it all been a lie?

You bet it has. This president and his administration have been misleading the public for a long time. It started long before he was selected as the commander-in-chief. You want proof?

Where to start? How about his military service? What about the pre-9/11 intelligence? What about Iraq's WMDs? Get the idea?

I was living in Texas in 1994 when George Bush ran for Governor against Ann Richards. They both went hunting (not together, although that could have been interesting) as a kind of PR stunt. Bush shot and killed a bird that was out of season and instead of acknowledging his mistake, he tried to sneak it into his game bag before anyone noticed. Needless to say, the media caught him.

Why do I tell you this? Because it goes to the heart of this administration’s problem. They can not tell the truth about even the smallest of missteps if it could hurt their image. They are unwilling to admit fault.

I work with a man that ends every meeting with the same question: “Is there anything else for the good of the cause?” The good of the cause is supposed to be our president’s job. Sometimes it is necessary to admit guilt or fault for the “good of the cause” to prevent the same things from happening in the future. This administration has been adamant about their decisions no matter the outcome and has often put the nation in peril because of it.

This is just one in a long line of deceptions. Future posts will discuss some of the more serious and disheartening lies that this administration has peddled for their own profit.

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