Monday, June 07, 2004


Remembering Ronnie

I have to say that I don't recognize this man they've been revering in the news this past weekend. Who was this "great man?" The Reagan I remember was much different. The Reagan I remember was cruel and heartless.

I was in the fifth grade when Reagan was elected and a freshman in college when his term was up. And throughout his entire term my family received nothing from him. Absolutely no benefits whatsoever. We were poor and we remained poor. My father had to work two jobs to pay the bills and all I heard about was how trickle-down economics was working. Apparently eight years wasn't long enough for the benefits to trickle down to us. Our electricity got shut off, our car often ran out of gas, we sometimes had to drink Kool-aid for breakfast. Why? Because we had no money. Tax cuts weren't helping and we didn't qualify for federal aid because Ronnie had gutted it. As I said before, my father had to work two jobs to keep us above water, yet I couldn't get assistance for college because my parents made too much money. How is this possible? My parents did what they could to try and eke out a respectful life, but no matter how hard they worked they couldn't get ahead. Thanks Ron!

I remember Reagan as a friend of the rich. Not the great compassionate leader that he's being remembered as. I don't know this man they keep showing on television.


I agree.

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