Monday, June 14, 2004


To Hell In A Handbasket

The Bush administration better hope that the Reagan-o-thon continues a little while longer to take some attention away from Iraq. Things are quickly falling apart as we approach the June 30th "turn over of power."

Since the new Iraqi government was named on June 1, dozens of civilians and foriegn workers have been killed and two members of the new government have been assassinated.

Meanwhile, the city of Fallujah has become exactly what the Bush administration does not want: a working theocracy facilitated by our own truce agreement.

When will we figure this out? We are failing. Bush can say that we are making progress as many times as he wants, but repeating a lie over and over still doesn't make it true. Democracy and Islam have basic fundamental differences that will not allow them to exist together. So the Iraqi's are left with two options: forfeit their religion for the vision of a foriegn government; or fight to protect their beliefs and values. I wonder what the United States would do if faced with the same situation?

Fortunately, people here in the U.S. are losing patience. On Wednesday, a group called Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change will release a statement condemming the Bush foriegn policy as destructive and dangerous to the American people.

The White House is already trying to spin this as irrelevant and too little too late, but the stature of the members of this group has to give them some credibility. Even those who served under Bush-the-Smarter and Reagan-the-Great realize how pathetic our current leadership is.

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