Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Burning Down The House

Last night I was reminded what it was like to have a President that could inspire me. The Democratic Convention began with Al Gore, whose speech was humorous yet also a stark reminder of what could have been. It was surgically sharp in its points about voting and its importance. I admire his humility in the face of what must be a very bitter pill.

Gore was followed by former President Jimmy Carter. As John Stewart called him afterwards, Carter was the "Velvet Hammer." It was somewhat shocking to hear a man who has won the Nobel Peace Prize utter such sharp criticisms. He was extremely passionate and wonderfully eloquent. Jimmy Carter is probably the most honest politician of our time and I take what he says very seriously. He makes a very strong case for John Kerry.

Eventually, we got to Bill Clinton. If there is a man that can inspire the masses more than him, I have yet to see it. His speech started slow but turned into a laser precise dissection of a failed Bush policy. His speech was inspirational, educational, and self-deprecating. I was nothing short of "dazzling."

It was nice to see someone, in this case several someones, who can give a speech without smirking, hunching over the podium, and checking his notes every five words. Last night we saw what the President has been, should be, and could be again. In the words of William Jefferson Clinton:

"Send John Kerry!"

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