Friday, July 30, 2004


Kerry'd Away

When it mattered most, John Kerry delivered.

It was a speech of personal accomplishment and a forward-looking goal. He met the President on his terms, taking on the issues that President Bush has been running on and putting his own personal stamp on them. John Kerry did not shy away from any of the issues, even if he did not address them by name and his attacks on the White House were well worded and precise. It was a speech to be proud of.

Of course the pundits criticized his delivery because he didn't allow the audience to respond in full. However, if he let the applause go on, he would have run long and gone into prime time on the west coast and Rush and the others would have faulted him for trying to monopolize the spotlight. It's a no-win situation. But my view on things is this: If that's all the Republicans can find to complain about, they have big problems.

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