Sunday, July 04, 2004


Lying in the Bush

With this week's expected announcement of his running mate and the upcoming Democratic Convention, John Kerry stands to garner a lot of attention. This should be to his advantage. Considering that a large portion of the American public claims to know very little about him, the fact that he and Bush are running neck-and-neck in the polls is fairly impressive. But beginning with yesterday's commentary in the Washington Post, John Kerry is positioned to make his move in the race for president.

Kerry has been called a number of things by the Bush administration; most notably "weak on defense" and a "flip-flopper." Truth is, neither of these labels fits. Has he changed his mind on some issues? Who hasn't over the last twenty years? As I recall, Reagan was once a Democrat. People change their views. It happens. So to say that he's a "flip-flopper" is irresponsible. We all change our minds as we grow and, hopefully, get wiser. Our president should know all about changing his mind. He's done it on a number of issues himself; the 9/11 Commission comes to mind.

As for being weak on defense, Kerry is anything but. According to Bush and his supporters are deliberately misleading America concerning Kerry's voting record.

In a series of articles concerning this subject, debunks the Bush attack. Not only has Kerry been supportive and strong on defense, he has voted for Pentagon money bills 16 of the 19 years he has been in the Senate, but he has been prudent in his decision making, stating that "there's no excuse for casting even one vote for unnecessary weapons of destruction." His voting record reflects this attitude.

In true Republican fashion, the hypocrisy of these attacks is astounding. While claiming that Kerry is weak on defense, they are failing to mention that Dick Cheney and George H. W. Bush voted against the same weapons that they are accusing Kerry of voting against.

Check out all of the articles at Some of these articles will point out some of Kerry's more misleading statements as well a George W. Bush's. The key point is to be informed. Know that Kerry is not the waffler that he has been made out to be. As this campaign hits the homestretch, look for Kerry to define himself beyond the boundaries of Bush's advertisements. And as people learn more about him, and in turn more about the Bush administration's hypocrisy and deception, expect Kerry's lead to increase. Bush can not hide from the truth.

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