Tuesday, July 20, 2004


More Halliburton Shenanigans

Halliburton is under investigation again. This time it's for doing business with Iran.

How many times has this company screwed our government? Among other things, they've overcharged for oil, they've overcharged for meals, their employees have been taking kick-backs, and now we find out they're doing business with Iran. Isn't Iran part of the "axis of evil?" Isn't our government looking into Iran's ties to 9/11? According to John W. Dean, Halliburton was also doing business with Iraq as late as 1998. That too was prohibited. Who's next? Syria? North Korea?

Now you may be asking yourself, how are they getting around the law to do business with these countries? They're doing it by using foriegn subsidiaries. It's the same way they get around paying U.S. taxes. They do their business through companies based in the Cayman Islands and other locations around the world that are immune from U.S. restrictions. Sounds fair doesn't it?

So while Halliburton is patriotically doing what it can to help the United States in the war on terror, they are also doing what they can to ensure that they make a profit wherever possible. I'm sure the Bush administration will take care of this right away. Maybe Cheney will make sure they get another no-bid contract to punish them. That'll teach 'em!

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