Tuesday, July 13, 2004


We Were Right Wrong To Go Into Iraq

President Bush is still having to defend his decision to go to war in Iraq. Sixteen months later, and he still feels like he has to convince us. The problem is that we are becoming increasingly more skeptical (finally).

Peace was never threatened by Iraq. This is an empty statement to make you think the government is doing you a favor by "protecting" you. Not only was peace never threatened, neither was my freedom. I'm tired of hearing that the troops are "fighting for my freedom." I was already free and Iraq did not have the capabilities to take my freedom from me.

However, I think the focus of this discussion about the war in Iraq needs to focus on the concept of preemption. What we did in Iraq was not preemptive. It was preventative. John W. Dean does a good job of explaining the difference between preemptive and preventative military policy in his book Worse Than Watergate.

This would explain why many of our allies were so strongly opposed to our Iraq policy. It also points out another deception by the Bush administration. We were not acting in self-defense. We were the aggressors. We were arrogant in our policy and our approach.

Fortunately, the American people are beginning to see the light. According to the latest poll numbers, people see Bush as arrogant.

Maybe we're getting some where.

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