Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Blood Money Anyone?

Conspiracy theorists have been saying all along that the real reason for going to war in Iraq was money. We'd take control of their oil and our rich friends and investors would profit. Maybe they were right after all.

Eighty-five percent? We were told that this money was going to be used to help the Iraqis. We were told that the oil revenues would be substantial enough to sustain their economy until they could become self-sufficient. Instead it's going to Dick Cheney's former employer.

I don't know what to say. The level of corruption in this administration keeps getting worse. They kept this secret by citing "security concerns." How many times have we been told that certain information is classified because of "security concerns?" What else are they hiding? What other lies are they covering up? It is beyond my comprehension how anyone could vote for an administration that has made a habit out of lying to us. Clinton lied about a matter in his personal life that had nothing to do with national security, financial responsibility, or foriegn relations and he gets impeached. This president lies about all of those things and gets to skate by. (That's right, I'm calling him a liar! Whether he believes the things he tells us or not, they are not the truth; therefore they are lies! Any consevatives want to debate this one?) Why has nothing been done?

I'll tell you why, the Democrats are too busy trying to take the high road. You can't fight a battle if you're in two different locations. If the Democrats truly want to fight Bush, they're going to have to go after him. Stop being nice about it and tell it like it is. He's a liar!

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