Monday, August 16, 2004


The Bubble Boy

If you watched Real Time With Bill Maher this past weekend, you heard them make reference to this point. Past presidents have often lamented about the lonliness of the job, but President Bush and his handlers are embracing it. The President and the Vice President actually seem to revel in the fact that their handlers are insulating them from any and all dissent. For starters, you may remember the loyalty oath rally attendees were forced to sign.

The latest example of this is the Presidents newest campaign feature: the "Ask President Bush" question and answer sessions taking place on the campaign trail. First of all, these are Bush supporters who are not likely to press him to answer difficult questions. Second of all, some of them aren't even asking real questions.

Are you kidding me? They ask tougher questions when you're ordering at Burger King. This is like a reporter asking "Mr. President,... what should America do, collectively, as you instructed before 9/11? Should it be "pray?"

But he likes it this way. Look what happens when he gets a tough question:

Huh? (Just for the record, sovereignty means supremacy of authority.)

Now we've all heard about people being ejected from Bush events for wearing anti-Bush t-shirts, and most of us know about protesters being kept blocks away from Bush events so the cameras don't accidently pick them up; but now we have the F.B.I. investigating posiible protesters at the Republican Convention in late August. And to make sure that the vote goes as well as possible, the president's brother is sending out the state police to help supress the democratic black vote in Florida.

When is this guy going to have to face something hard and make it on his own? He's been living in a bubble of protection and privilege for his entire political career. You see, his handlers know that he's unable to think on his feet. They know that once he gets off the script, anything can happen. So they keep it as controlled as possible. No tough questions, no dissent, no thinking allowed.

John Kerry has to take advantage of this. During the debates, Kerry has to make sure that he takes the fight to him. Put him on the defense early and keep him there. Make George Bush answer questions and when he doesn't, say so. Don't let him skate by. If Kerry puts him in a position where he has to think on his feet, Kerry will win hands down.

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