Thursday, August 26, 2004


Republicans Hate Love The LA Times

Today, the LA Times released it's latest national poll showing Bush leading Kerry by three points.

Of course the Republicans are touting this as legitimate polling. Not that I doubt the legitimacy of the LA Times, but when the Times released a poll earlier in the election cycle that showed Kerry in the lead the Republicans claimed that you couldn't trust a shoddy liberal rag like the LA Times. The talking heads from the right claimed that the Times had slanted their sample group by including too many registered Democrats. In their eyes, the poll was untrustworthy and a perfect example of the liberal media bias.

Oh, what a difference two months can make. On today's Rush Limbaugh Show, the flunky filling in (I don't know who it was and I don't think it really matters) was about to have an orgasm talking about how much this must be distressing the Kerry campaign. Of course they don't discuss any of the internal numbers, that wouldn't support their cause.

All this Republican bluster just goes to show that they are willing to support anything that helps their cause. This is the reason that Bush is unwilling to denounce the Swiftboaters. Remember it was this exact same kind of smear tactic that Bush used to help defeat McCain in the 2000 primaries and now that it's proving useful again he's not going to denounce it just yet. I guarantee that if the Swiftboaters were targeting Bush instead of Kerry, the Republicans would be acting exactly the way the Kerry campaign is. Luckily for Bush, there is no Air National Guardsmen for Truth.

As for the poll numbers, it's still within the margin of error so I'm not going to get too worked up about it. After all, the only poll that really matters will be taken on November 2.

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