Saturday, August 21, 2004


This Can't Be Good For Business

If you're a member of the Swiftboat Vets for Truth, the last few days have been awful. Granted, you're getting more attention than ever, but it's not really the attention you had hoped for. First of all, you've got the Washington Post exposing the discrepancies between Swiftboat member Larry Thurlow's story and his own military records. Then you've got the New York Times exposing all of your ties to the Republicans, the Bush administration, and Karl Rove. Next, you've got KnightRidder basically outing the entire group as liars. And now, there's this from the editor of the Chicago Tribune:

Too bad for the Swift Vets that this comes at a time when they're preparing to roll out a new ad critical of Kerry. Had this article come out a few days earlier, they maybe could have saved their money. But now they're not only out a significant amount of money, but their credibility has been severely damaged. How are they going to counter this? Call him a liar too? By saying that John Kerry got his medals by lying, they are imsinuating that the Navy gave out awards without just cause thereby dishonoring a great number of soldiers who served and won medals themselves. If by making general statements about war-crimes in Vietnam, John Kerry was dishonoring those who served, then the Swiftboat Vets are dishonoring those who were honored for their service. In a sense, they're saying that all medals won during Vietnam will have to be reviewed for their integrity. If I were a veteran, I'd be pissed.

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