Tuesday, August 24, 2004


This Is Progress?

According to out president, we are making progress.

His definition of progress is obviously different than mine. In my opinion, progress would be moving closer to a stable country and a decline in the casualty rate for our soldiers. Now we know that a stable Iraq is still quite some time off and if Bush would read a paper once in a while, he might realize that the casualty rate isn't declining but rising. Tracking the casualty numbers since the beginning of the year, we see that the numbers have been going up in recent months.

How is this progress? More of our young men and women dying is not progress. Admitting mistakes, developing a real plan, repairing damaged alliances; this would be progress. Everyday we hear from the White House that we are making progress, moving forward; but we aren't seeing any proof. Just because they say it's so doesn't make it true.

I think we can add this to the list of things that John Kerry should seize on. Where is the proof? Show me real progress. They keep saying, we've opened schools, hospitals, fire houses, etc. This isn't progress, they were already open. They closed because of the war! They say an evil dictator has been removed. Yes he has been, but now an interim government appointed by an accupying force is in control and they are closing media outlets, talking martial law, offering amnesty to some of the insurgents, etc. They say the Middle East is safer because an unstable element has been removed. However, we've already said that Iraq is still unstable.

So once again, where's the progress? John Kerry needs to ask George Bush to show real progress. Show us a real plan. Don't just say it's so, prove it.

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