Monday, August 23, 2004


To Debate Or Not To Debate

A little over a week ago, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced the moderators of the upcoming general election debates. The schedule and locations for the debates was announced on November 6, 2003, with the format for each being announced on June 17, 2004. As is the tradition, there are three debates scheduled.

But yesterday as I watched Meet the Press it seemed unclear whether or not the President intends to take part in all three.

Did I miss it, or did Mehlman not answer the question?

Apparently when his aides say “President Bush is committed,” they don't mean to the debate schedule. What's he going to do? Call in sick? Claim there's a terrorist threat? Skip? This is ridiculous. If the president truly does look forward to the debates, why can't he guarantee that he'll show up for them? Obviously it's an attempt to add some drama to the situation. Will he or won't he? Of course he will, if he doesn't he's a coward. He has to show up. But why do they play this game? Why the secrecy? Is he afraid the topic of military service might come up? I'll bet it does.

John Kerry should jump on this. Make it known that the president is waffling on whether or not to do the three debates. Force President Bush to commit one way or another. It’s about time the president played defense for a while. With the Republican Convention coming up, John Kerry needs to get a little momentum going again. Steal the spotlight back from the Swiftboat Vet controversy and go on the offensive. Make George W. Bush answer questions for a change.

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