Wednesday, August 11, 2004


What If God Was One Of Us?

As I was reading this morning's New York Times I came across an article about George Bush campaigning in Florida. It was a rather typical article, he says we're safer, makes fun of Kerry, handpicked crowds cheer, etc., etc. But then the last paragraph caught my attention.

This started me thinking. What if God really was in the White House? (Clearly this gentleman could not be implying that President Bush is God because that would be blasphemy. So this must mean that God is one of the President's advisors.) What kind of advice would God give our President?

For starters, God is all about honesty. I think the first piece of advice that God would impart to President Bush is that he should come clean. Simply tell the truth about everything. He could start with his military record, move into the "lost years," then to his Harken stock deal, on to the 2000 election, moving right along to his administration's attention to terrorism before 9/11, then on to what he was really thinking in that Florida classroom when he was told that the country was "under attack," what he knew about Saddam's WMDs and when he knew it, the truth about PNAC and it's influence in his administration, the Valerie Plame leak, why he opposed the 9/11 commission, why he originally opposed the Democrat's idea for a Department of Homeland Security, his family's ties to the Saudi royal family, why Halliburton keeps getting no-bid contracts despite screwing us whenever they can, and finally, who was on Dick Cheney's energy task force.

Next, if there was still time, I think God would encourage President Bush to re-examine the Ten Commandments. Most notably, number 6: Thou shalt not kill. The God I know would not condone the killing of innocent civilians. After all, we are talking about a God who preaches peace. Peace can not be attained through violence. I believe that God would support a more diplomatic approach to our situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think about the shirt I saw that said "WWJB;" Who Would Jesus Bomb. I'm pretty sure the answer to that question would be nobody. Peace, harmony, love, and respect, that's what God would tell George.

I also have to believe that God would want to talk to President Bush about tolerance; treating others as you would hope to be treated; accepting others no matter what their differences are. Jesus and his disciples were discriminated against for their different views and ideas and this was to be a lesson to us all. I believe that God would urge our President to be more accepting of all races, religions, and even sexual preferences. Although the Bible is clearly against homosexuality, it's also for the equal treatment of all. To prove this, Jesus even befriended an alleged prostitute. Surely we can be accepting of two people who love each other want to get married.

But as we all know, these things haven't happened. So I guess we have to conclude that Gary Walby of Destin, Fla., was mistaken when he said that "God is in the White House." Although it might be nice if He were.

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