Thursday, September 30, 2004


America's Burning Bush

As God gave a sign to Moses, I believe this was America's sign tonight.

What can I say? John Kerry dominated George W. Bush in tonight's debate. Kerry was resolute, direct, concise, and spot-on accurate. George Bush appeared nervous, confused, and completely overmatched. He was unable to refute Kerry's claims and seemed unwilling at times to answer the questions. He began his first response with "September 11 changed everything." Those of you that have been reading this blog for a while know that I have been consistent in my assessment of the Bush administration: take away September 14, 2001, when Bush stood atop the rubble in New York and he has nothing to run on. I should thank our president for proving my point tonight.

Last night I gave a debate preview in which I said that Kerry would offer us the truth and George Bush would offer us talking points. I think we saw just that this evening. Bush was repetitive in his talking points continually repeating the same phrases while Kerry was consistantly pointing out the president's shortcomings to which the president was either unable or chose not to respond.

A clear win for Kerry. I think we've got ourselves a new president folks.

(I'm still expecting a terror alert this weekend.)

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