Tuesday, September 28, 2004


The Truth About Iraq

We've heard this many times from the president over the last several months. Clearly, President Bush wants us to believe that he had no idea that things in Iraq were going to turn out the way they have. However, today we found out different. As it turns out, George Bush did know that the current situation in Iraq was likely to happen.

This is the same group of individuals that Bush accused of "just guessing" about the future of Iraq. Were they also guessing in January, 2003? If they were, I'd say they're pretty damned good guessers. Maybe Bush should pay a little closer attention to their most recent "guess."

What this points out, though, is that Bush did know then what we do know now and he chose to ignore it. Ironically, George W. should have been familiar with the issues discussed in that NIC report, because his own father had given a speech in February, 1999, concerning the very same topic.

You know, I was never a big fan of the father, but compared to his son, he looks like a genius. The question is, will the son acknowledge his mistake or will he claim that his father was just guessing too?

At every turn, it becomes more and more apparent that George W. Bush ignored pertinent information that contradicted his claims against Saddam Hussein. It's interesting how the intelligence was trustworthy enough to send over 1000 soldiers to their death, yet things like the NIC report were ignored. Also ignored were the CIA's claims that the Niger-Uranium documents were forged.

Truth is, George W. Bush was being selective with the intelligence. He was choosing what best suited his cause. He was playing politics with the war and we are now paying for it in lives. If elected to a second term, there is nothing to stop him from doing this again. George Bush must lose in November for the safety of our country.


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