Tuesday, September 14, 2004


"W" Is For Waffle

According to the American Heritage Dictionary the term waffle, when applied to speaking, is defined as follows:

No other word could be more accurate when describing the Bush administration. The President himself has been speaking evasively for the last four years and to say that he has willfully mislead the country would be a massive understatement. Take for instance the Bush/Cheney campaign's recent attacks on John Kerry's health care plan. According to their website, the Kerry plan would cost $1.5 trillion over the next ten years.

While this statement is technically accurate, it fails to mention any of the pertinent details of the study it has cited. According to the study, John Kerry's health care plan would indeed cost $1.5 trillion over the next ten years. By comparison, the Bush health care plan would only cost $128.6 billion over the same time period. If this were a matter of who can propose the cheapest plan, Bush would win hands down, but for the millions of Americans who currently have no health care, cheaper is not necessarily better. What is important in this debate is how many people will be able to get coverage. This is the part of the study that President Bush likes to leave out.

According to the American Enterprise Institute's study, $622 billion from the Kerry plan would be dedicated directly to helping the uninsured while only $39.4 billion would be directed towards the uninsured under the Bush plan. As a result of this funding, Kerry's plan would lead to 27.3 million new people obtaining health insurance while Bush's plan would allow for only 6.7 million new people to obtain coverage. To me, this points out at least 20.6 million reasons why Kerry's plan is going to be more beneficial than the President's. But I wouldn't expect our President to tell you that.

This type of fiscal deception is typical of our president as the Washington Times noted in an article today.

If asked, I'm sure the president will tell us it's all just "fuzzy math."

Looks pretty clear to me.

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