Thursday, September 02, 2004


Zelling Out The Party

HATEFEST, 2004 - What a scene it was. Zell Miller, in front of a live television audience and an arena full of people, blew a gasket. Tendons straining, veins bulging, and eyes wide; Miller let loose with a tirade the likes of which we haven't heard in years. I watched the event on MSNBC and I had to keep checking to make sure I was on the right channel. For a while, I thought I had mistakenly turned to the Discovery Channel and caught the middle of a special on convulsions. All day long I've seen the clips of Miller claiming Kerry was going to fight the enemy with spitballs. And what does the media say? It was a "fiery" speech. They talk to the Republicans and many are saying it was a great speech, typical Zell Miller. Obviously nobody in the press is willing to actually analyze what he said. They're content to let the Republicans define it. So here tonight, I am going to attempt to sift through the hate and bile and actually examine the claims made. Here we go.

He began by saying:

Well, Zell, I think it's good that you're concerned about the future and your great-grandchildren. I would be very concerned if I were you. If George W. Bush is re-elected, there is a good chance that your great-grandchildren will have to serve in the armed forces. If Bush is re-elected, there is a good chance that the world's environment will be so damaged by the time your great-grandchildren are grown that it could be detrimental to their health. If George Bush id re-elected, there is a good chance that the country will be in such financial ruin that the programs that have helped so many for so long will be bankrupt. If George Bush is re-elected, there is a good chance that they will be unable to afford health insurance for themselves or their own children. If George Bush is re-elected, there is a good chance that his tax cuts will have forced millions more into poverty and millions will be without jobs. So I understand your concern Zell. Maybe your speech wasn't as hateful as the critics have said.

Let's move on:

That's a good question Zell. Let's see how you answered it.

Well at least he didn't answer with a partisan response. Next.

Surely he doesn't mean like when George Bush made this statement:

Because if he did, he must be pretty pissed at our President right now.

Moving right along:

Actually Zell, it's the Constitution that gives us those rights. The soldiers that protect them. Protecting our rights is something our current President could learn a lot about. Instead of ammending the Constitution to include discrimination, he needs to examine it and see that it's not about denying rights, but granting them. Little slip up there Zell, but let's keep going.

Now Zell, you don't really mean to say that voting against those weapons was bad do you? Apparently you aren't aware of the fact that when Kerry voted against those weapons, the Senate was being urged by then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney to do so. And Mr. Cheney was urging them to vote against those weapons at the behest of our then President George H. W. Bush. You might want to go back and check your notes on that one.

Wrong, he blamed the government for putting the military in a situation for which they were unprepared.

Actually Zell, Kerry has voted for Defense Appropriations bills thirteen out of nineteen years. And as he has said repeatedly, he did vote for the $87 billion, just not the version that had us borrowing money to pay for equipment the troops should have been supplied with to begin with.

Overall, this was the most hateful, bile spewing, innacurate speech I think I have ever heard. What fascinates me most is that the majority of the speech focused on John Kerry. In fact, the majority of this Convention has focused on John Kerry. Maybe it's because Zell and the rest of the Conservatives have realized that you can only get just so much mileage out of fifteen minutes atop a pile of rocks three days after a disaster.

It's sad really. Too bad I can't feel any sympathy for him.

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