Friday, October 08, 2004


Bush Is Being Kerry-ed Away

Since the gun-shy media is unwilling to proclaim a winner in tonight's debate for fear of being labeled "liberal," it is left up to us, the American citizens, to tell the country the truth. JOHN KERRY WON TONIGHT'S DEBATE! As in the last debate, he was the more articulate, informative, and presidential candidate. If you turned down the sound and simply watched their body language, John Kerry was elegant and completely under control, while George W. Bush looked agitated and (to quote Aaron Brown) over-caffienated. For crying-out-loud, he was shouting at the audience during the portion of the debate over Iraq.

After two debates, I have yet to see a reason for anyone to vote for George W. Bush. He has offered us nothing but more of the same and let's face facts here, he has no record. When I look at the last four years, I don't see the progress necessary to continue moving our country forward. In fact, I see a regressive pattern. Let's see what we have learned in the last four years?

To me, this is not a plan for the future. This is a failed administration that does not deserve another chance. I look forward to John Kerry's first term as the President of the United States.

Bonus Post From Mrs. kissfan

Tonight John Kerry spoke on an issue that has been bugging me about George Bush and other Republicans for quite a while. He was asked a question about tax dollars being spent on abortions. He responded by saying,

I firmly believe that our elected officials are there to speak for us. It doesn't matter how he was raised or what his personal feeling is, John Kerry knows that it is his job to speak for his constituents. I take real issue with politicians trying to force their religious beliefs down everybody's throats. The separation of church and state is there to protect all of us. Now, let me say that I have nothing against organized religion. Some would classify me as a religious person. I do feel, however, that religion is a personal thing.

Every day in my classroom we stand to pledge our allegiance to our flag. Because I teach in a university town, I have students from all different cultural and religious backgrounds. Many of them do not participate in this obligatory practice. This is perfectly acceptable. I find it offensive that we force children all over this country to stand and plege their loyalty to a piece of cloth - and we invoke religion into it to boot. I find it even more offensive that the "under God" part was added during the 50's as a way of thumbing our noses at the Communists.

The Constitution prohibits me from "preaching" in my classroom because I have a captive audience. I agree with the Constitution. I wouldn't want someone else forcing their religious beliefs on my children while they're at school. As a parent, that's my job. I whole heartedly believe in the separation of church and state, and I find it unconstitutional for George Bush or anyone else to push their religious beliefs onto me. This is why I believe in a woman's right to choose, embryonic stem cell research, and taking "under God" back out of the pledge. After tonight's debate, I feel that John Kerry understands how I feel. He's my man.

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