Tuesday, October 26, 2004


"Et Tu Brute?"

Even our hand-picked allies are now blaming us for the failures in Iraq.

I can't understand this. How can anybody look at what has happened in Iraq and still think that our President is worth re-election? It's only Tuesday, and already this week we have the situation with the 380 tons (yes tons) of missing explosives, the masacre of almost 50 Iraqi forces for which we are being blamed for our negligence, and today it's revealed that the Bush administration plans to ask for yet another $70 billion in supplemental funding for Iraq raising the total to almost $225 billion (yes billion). Yet the polls are still within the margin of error.

Why is this race even close? All of the polls should look like this:

This President continues to prove his ineptness when it comes to dealing with Iraq; which, by the way, is a war he chose to get us into. This is a war he said would be easy. This is a war in which the Vice President said we would be greeted as liberators with flowers. None of which has happened.

The fact that we still have a Presidential race worth polling is pathetic. How can anyone be so blind as to trust this administration any longer? I'm speechless.

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