Thursday, October 07, 2004


The Spaghetti Incident

Due to John Kerry's surging poll numbers, President Bush has been forced to do some re-tooling. After a poor showing in the first debate last Thursday and a less than truthful performance by Vice President Cheney on Tuesday night, the President and his team know that he needs to score big in tomorrow's town hall style debate in St. Louis. With only twenty-six days to go until the election, I think it's safe to say that desperation has started to set in.

Over the past two days, George Bush has unveiled a new stump speech and what I assume will be his approach in tomorrow night's debate. I like to call it the "spaghetti test:" throw everything you've got at the wall and hope that something sticks. Here in Illinois, we're seeing this close up with Alan "I don't have a prayer in Hell of winning this election" Keyes and his attempts to smear the name of Barack Obama. Keyes has accused Obama of everything from supporting slavery to killing children. We're now seeing a similar attack from our President.

In a speech given to a (no doubt hand selected) Michigan crowd yesterday, the President brought out all the ammunition he had. And whether his claims were true or not, he threw them all at the wall in the hope that something would stick. He brought up a number of allegations that have been proven untrue. Including:

According to, this number is a gross exaggeration:

And this:

Once again, let's go to Vice President Cheney's favorite website:

Not only were the lies flying at the wall, but the golden oldies were brought out as well:

Doesn't he realize that's so six months ago? Not to mention, the National Journal printed a follow-up article stating that this data was based on twenty-five of sixty-two votes during the 2003 Senate term and when examined closely, there are actually ten Senators currently serving that have a more liberal lifetime rating than Senator Kerry. And yes, one of those ten is Ted Kennedy. As I said, he's throwing it all at the wall.

In fact, President Bush has become so desperate that he's even begun flip-flopping. At one point during his speech he criticized Senator Kerry's position on Iraq.

Just seconds later, he astoundingly says that Kerry's plan for Iraq is the same as his.

But then he criticizes the plan and says:

Finally, in an attempt to clear it all up he says:

But I thought you said it was the same as your plan George. Now who's coming down on both sides of the issue? How low the President must feel to resort to the very tactic he's alleging his opponent is guilty of.

In yesterday's post I established that George W. Bush is a liar. I think that today we can add desperate to that description. Going into tomorrow night's debate, it's clear to me that George Bush will try anything to get himself re-elected, including lying about his opponent's record. It's a shame when the leader of the most powerful country in the world has to resort to distortions and myths to save his ass.

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