Thursday, October 28, 2004


The Straw That Broke The President's Back

If anyone is still undecided about next Tuesday's Presidential election, today provided all the information thay should need to make up their minds. For days now, the top story has been the missing explosives in Iraq. John Kerry has run with the story to bolster his claim that President Bush has mishandled the war but the President has been claiming that the explosives may have been moved prior to the US invasion. President Bush has even gone so far as to say Senator Kerry is jumping to conclusions without the facts. But today, all the evidence needed has come to the surface.

It turns out that ABC affiliate 5 Eyewitness News from Minneapolis/St. Paul had a crew embedded in Iraq that filmed some video at the al QaQaa weapons facility after the fall of Baghdad on April 9, 2003, clearly showing the IAEA seals on the door. Soldiers with the 101st Airborne Division cut the chains to the bunkers allowing the reporters in where they were able to film the explosives still inside. (You can read the story here, here, and here.) On this evening's Newsnight With Aron Brown on CNN, former weapons inspector David Kay confirmed that the items in the video were indeed the explosives in question.

Truth of the matter is, we actually knew they were there. On April 5, 2003, the Washington Post ran an article which included the following passage:

The same day, the Associated Press ran their own article stating this:

Both articles clearly show the existence of the explosives at the al QaQaa site on April 4, 2003, well after the invasion had begun. So all that talk about the weapons being moved prior to the invasion, and all that talk by Drudge and the Washington Times about the Russians being involved is bullshit! Complete and total bullshit!

As many of us have known for a long time now, the President has been lying to the American people. The simple truth is, our current administration has FUCKED UP! But they still can't admit it. Kerry has been right all along: The President has made us less safe.

Anyone who is still undecided after today's revelations is clearly not paying attention.

Kerry is going to win in a landslide!

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