Friday, October 29, 2004


You Can Smell The Desperation!

And quite frankly, it reeks. Since they can't seem to shake the story of the missing Iraqi explosives, the Bush administration trotted out some poor lacky to claim that he had destroyed 250 tons of munitions. Problem is, he didn't destroy any of the explosives that are currently missing, didn't see any IAEA seals that are clearly shown in the video from channel KSTP out of Minneapolis, and all of this took place five days before the KSTP video was shot clearly showing the explosives still in their bunkers. So what the hell was the point of throwing this guy to the wolves? He didn't have anything significant to offer us and the press tore him apart. The whole while, Larry DiRita, Rumsfeld's assisstant, won't let the poor guy answer a question and keeps saying this proves that nobody really knows what happened to those explosives. No Larry, you and your dumb-ass friends are the only ones that don't know; the rest of us all know exactly what happened: Bush fucked up! Plain and simple.

So after this train wreck of a press conference, as it's clear that the missing explosives story is going to carry on into the weekend, what do we get? A new Osama bin Laden video. This might seem a little far-fetched to think that it was planned, but ask yourself this, how was the United States able to verify that it was indeed bin Laden before it was actually aired on al Jazeera television? Still don't believe me? Think about this: Nothing in the video indicated that it was recorded within the last few days. In fact it could have been recorded anytime after John Kerry became the clear Democratic nominee. And one more thing: Anybody remember Karl Rove promising an "October Surprise?" Let's face it, things couldn't be going any worse for Bushco right now. Everyday seems to bring fresh evidence of the administration's incompetence and momentum appears to be shifting in Kerry's favor. So why wouldn't Rove and Co. roll out a new video that they've been saving for just the right occassion? They've used old evidence as the basis for raising the terror alert level, right?

So far, it seems to be working in their favor. As I watched the evening news, the first eleven minutes of the broadcast were devoted to the Osama video while only two minutes towards the end of the broadcast were devoted to the missing explosives and then there was no mention of the clearly staged and diversionary press conference. Then on CNN's Newsnight With Aaron Brown, he ran through tomorrow's headlines as always and every paper led with the bin Laden video above the fold. I assure you that Timmy and the rest of the bobbleheads on Sunday will be talking about this video and completely ignoring the explosives story.

But John Kerry can take the focus back with one simple statement: "Our President promised to get bin Laden 'Dead or Alive.' As this video proves, he's obviously failed to do so. If I am elected President, I promise to do everything in my power to make sure that the next video the American people see of bin Laden will be the one showing him in chains or dead."

As David Kay would say: "Game, set, match."

And as if I needed any more proof that the Republicans are deperate, my sister, who lives in the swing state of Iowa, received this letter in the mail this past week.

The text reads:

Can you spell voter intimidation? How about scare tactics? Of course this arrived with no return address. I can assure you this didn't come from my grandma, she's a faithful Democrat. But really, does anybody really believe that this was written by anyone other than the Republican party? They are desperate. They feel the momentum changing and they can smell defeat.

I can't wait until we are able to say John Kerry, the 44th President of the United States. Only a few days left!

One last thing. I finally carved my Halloween pumpkin. Whaddya' think?

See ya' Monday!

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