Tuesday, November 16, 2004



Yesterday I began talking about my ideas for the Democrats to get their foot back in the political door. The first thing I think they need to do is get control of the language. The second thing that I think they should do is get control of the issues.

As we witnessed in this latest election, real issues like jobs and the economy, the war in Iraq, the environment, and the deficit really don't mean jack shit any more. Unfortunately for us Democrats, the Republicans figured this out long before we did. I guess you can call us slow learners, but it's time we decided to wake the fuck up. For the past two election cycles (2002 & 2004) the Democrats have been focusing on real issues like those mentioned above while the Republicans have been driving wedges into our base. You see while we've been trying to preserve the environment and stabalize the economy and work for a successful end to the war in Iraq, the Republicans have been dividing the country with issues that play to a person's hatred. You know what I'm talking about: gay marriage, abortion, and God. Who cares that we've lost almost 1,200 men and women over bad intelligence? Who cares that our nation's corporations are polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink? And be honest, who really gives a shit that we squandered away trillions of dollars in budget surpluses? Everything will be fine as long as those God-hating, homo-loving, baby-killers can't tell us what to do. Right? Wrong! Because when the day is done, what's going to matter more, the fact that people are dying because they have no health care and can't afford prescription drugs or the fact that the two homosexuals down the street can't get a piece of paper saying they've made a commitment to each other? You see, the conservatives like to talk about the hatred of the left, but don't you be fooled for a minute. They hate too. They just hate different things.

So in order for the Democrats to regain some of their footing, I think we should actually take the conservatives' advice. We need to learn how to talk to middle America. Now I'm not suggesting that we put the principles of supply and demand or global warming into terms that they can understand. What I'm talking about is something that will play to America's hatred and fears. It's got to be something that will get the Nascar dads and the security moms all in a bunch.

You see, the Republicans have been really good about twisting liberal views into something almost satan-like. For instance, when a Democrat votes against a ban on late-term abortion solely because it makes no allowance for the health of the mother, the republicans say that he supports partial-birth abortions. Or when a Democrat votes against a supplemental funding bill for the troops because there's a proposal that offers a better way to finance it, he's labeled as someone who refuses to support our troops who are in harm's way. We can do this too. We can twist their positions.

So I suggest we start driving wedges. Drive a lot and drive 'em hard. We can't wait until 2006 rolls around to start fighting. We need to strike early and often. Anybody got any good suggestions for wedges?

Tomorrow: Leadership.

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