Thursday, December 23, 2004


In the Spirit of Christmas

With all of the harsh words spoken between the two political parties, it can be difficult to look past the hurt feelings and come together as one during this holiday season. I, for one, was shocked to find out that we as liberals "hate Christmas." Imagine my surprise when I found out that Christmas was "under attack" from the left. To be honest, I feel ashamed. So in the spirit of Christmas, I'd like to offer a musical olive branch to the conservatives, wingnuts, and religio-crazies out there. So like a long-distance dedication, I would like to offer this song by Pat Godwin as a token of my apologies. Enjoy!

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Sidenote:Because of the holidays and the kissfan's anniversary, Truespeak will be taking a short break. I'll see you back here on Wednesday, December 29. So spend some time with your families, relax, and enjoy yourselves because 2005 is just around the corner and we need to start preparing for the midterm elections in 2006. Until then, Happy Holidays!

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