Friday, December 03, 2004


A Proud Liberal

Of late, the term liberal has become synonymous amoral. We on the left have been cast as valueless heathens worthy only of scorn and ridicule. To listen to the media, we are a gasping, dying breed clinging desperately to the ghost of a once great party. Never mind that our candidate received 56 million votes in the presidential last election. In today's journalistic society, you're only as credible as the outcome of the last election cycle. It's what I like to call the American Idol syndrome. Give us a contest so we can hurry up and mock the losers.

Well I, for one, refuse to play this game. I am proud to be a liberal. Despite the negative connotations; despite the amoralistic image; I am proud. I'm proud because I know that when I am faced with trouble, I will make the just decision. As a liberal I will always choose charity over greed, I will choose tolerance over bigotry, and I will choose humility over pride. My liberal values compel me to err on the side of compassion and mercy when faced with anger and hatred. And because of my liberal morals, I will always choose what is best for my country, my family, and my faith over personal gain.

These are the values I learned from my parents as a child and these are the values that I hope to pass on to my own children because these are the values of a liberal. While the media and the rest skewer my party for its lack of morals, I stand proud knowing that I too have strong values. I simply choose not to shove them in the face of my opponent.

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