Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Too Smart For Our Own Good?

A few days ago, the Associated Press ran an article that I found to be disturbing, but very telling. It seems as though some of our nation's college students are reluctant to learn anything new out of fear that it may contradict their "core values."

In other words, "Don't challenge my beliefs as a conservative. Don't offer me a differing viewpoint, because I don't want to hear it." In even simpler terms, "Don't make me think. Just allow me to be a sheep."

This is part of the problem in today's political world. Many people have become so closed-minded that they refuse to listen to any opposing viewpoint. If it doesn't come from Rush, Coulter, or Faux News, then it must be tainted by a liberal bias and is therefore unreliable. Even our colleges and universities are being brought into question.

So how do we solve this problem? As Dr. Teresa Whitehurst, a clinical psychologist, explains, some would say that you just have to be careful that you don't get "too much education" because it could lead to liberalism.

You see, to some people liberalism and education are one in the same. This is, of course, categorically false. Education does not equal liberalism, it equals information. When you are educated, you are informed. And when you are informed, you have the capability to make your own decisions. This is what the conservatives fear the most: an educated country.

As long as the majority of Americans are willing to be led around like sheep, the conservatives will be happy. An informed population is their worst enemy. An informed population is curious and curious people tend to seek the truth. The truth is not something the current administration is terribly fond of. But from the AP article, it appears as if there is a rising tide of Americans that don't want to be informed. They simply aren't curious enough to seek the truth. They are content to live in their sheltered world of misinformation and right-slanted views and the rest of the world, the informed part, can just go to hell.

So much for challenging ourselves to be better people. So much for challenging ourselves to be critical thinkers. So much for challenging ourselves to be the leaders of tomorrow. We're content to be the followers of today. We are content to strive for mediocrity.

Pity the world if the conservatives get their way.

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