Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Caught Between Faith and Science

A week and a half ago Mrs. kissfan and I were sitting in church listening to the sermon when the pastor said something that sparked my interest. With our regular pastor gone, the substitute pastor was speaking about the truth in creationism stating that evolution is nothing more than a theory that can't be proven. (Our regular pastor is much more liberal in his teachings than our substitute.) He then went on to talk about how each of us are unique for which he cited DNA as proof. This started me thinking: how can he dismiss science as theory but then use it as proof? And the more I thought, I came to realize that many Christians must be caught between their faith and science.

I immediately began racking my brain for other instances like this and surprisingly was able to come up with several rather quickly. I don't know why I haven't made this observation before, but it happens all the time. For instance, as I was listening to Rush Limbaugh recently (I'm kind of masochistic that way), I heard him argue against evolution but for natural selection all within a ten minute time frame. I remember thinking it was kind of ironic, but it didn't really sink in what was happening.

Truth is, this has been happening for years. While many Christians have tried to pass off science as theory (evolution, big bang, continental drift, etc.) they will revert to it to prove their point. I'm reminded of the ossuary that bore the inscription "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus." Who was brought in to authenticate the item? Why scientists of course. And what about the Dead Sea Scrolls? Or the Shroud of Turin? Both have used carbon dating to determine their age.

The thing is, many Christians are more than willing to use science when it suits their needs, but quickly dismiss it as unproven theory when it contradicts their beliefs. In my opinion, Christians really only have two options: swear off science entirely or admit their coexistence. As the former choice would also entail swearing off medicine, I believe their best bet would be to choose the latter. Maybe they can find comfort in the words of the Rev. C.O. Magee, a Presbyterian minister, “Any time religion gets involved in science, religion comes off looking like a bunch of nerds. . . . The Book of Genesis told who created the world and why it was created and science tells how it was done.”

Unfortunately, it looks as as though the evangelicals may have their own ideas about things. According to a new "evangelical" museum, neither science nor history are correct.

Nice. I guess historians are liberals too. Who's next? Mathmeticians? Will it ever stop?

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