Thursday, January 20, 2005


Now He Tells Us

According to Heart Attack Jones, we "miscalculated" in Iraq.

First of all, if he just figured out that we may have "miscalculated" then he's a complete moron. We've been miscalculating in Iraq since sometime around 2002. I'd like to hear him tell the families of our 1,300 dead soldiers that we may have miscalculated. "Sorry Mrs. Smith, we seem to have miscalculated your son's life away." Bullshit! Miscalculated my ass. We didn't miscalculate we fucked up! Plain and simple. We covered our ears and sang "la la la" like a snotty little child when anyone dared to contradict us and now we say we miscalculated. If this was a miscalculation I'd hate to see what things would be like if we had been wrong.

Second of all, this is a complete fucking lie. How could we not "realize the lasting devastation wrought by Saddam Hussein on his people after the first Gulf War?" We've got satellite pictures that are capable of pinpointing the exact locations of fictitious WMD labs and we're supposed to believe that we were clueless about the "lasting devestation?" Clueless, yes, but not about this. We knew what Saddam had been doing during that time. We had documentation about the torture rooms and rape rooms didn't we? We'd been monitoring his activities through the UN since the end of the Gulf War, hadn't we. What about all of the atrocities he had commited? Hell, we even knew how many Kurds he had gassed with the chemical and biological agents we gave him back in the eighties, but we're expected to believe that we didn't know anything about the lasting devesatation. Sure, Dick. Whatever you say.

Now some might call me cynical, but maybe the "devestation" he's referring to was actually caused by us when we rushed into Iraq without knowing what the hell we were doing in the first place. Maybe if we had gone in with enough troops we could have secured the country and prevented some of this "devestation" from happening. Maybe if we hadn't rushed in to secure the oil fields while leaving the rest of the country completely unguarded we could have fended off some of the "devestation." And who's to blame for the bombed out buildings and neighborhoods? And who's to blame for the lack of drinking water and electricity that sections of the country are still suffering from? And who's to blame for the multitude of terrorists that are now in Iraq due to the unsecured borders? How about those things Dick? Did we miscalculate there too?

We didn't just miscalculate here folks, we screwed the pooch on this one. We shit in our own bed and we're trying to blame it on someone else. Sorry Dick, you can't unscrew this pooch. It's all ours.

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