Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Reaching Across the Aisle

For the last year I've been corresponding through e-mail with my conservative relative who lives in Texas. He's convinced that the sun rises and sets with George W. Bush. I, of course, have a slightly different opinion. During our correspondence we began discussing the liberalness/conservativeness of the media. He, of course, is a firm believer in the mythical liberal media bias. Oftentimes, he would rant endlessly about the liberal media and liberal celebrities. My favorite quote of his is:

Of course we all know that one of the traits of liberals is that they look out for the little guy. (See quote at the top of this page.) So I find it hard to understand why he hates liberals so much. Nevertheless, he is who he is.

So in the interest of bi-partisanship, I thought I'd help him out a little. You know, reach across the aisle, as they say. After reading this story over at DailyKos, I thought that this could be a useful tool for today's hate-filled conservative. A little Liberals for Dummies if you will. Something they can refer to when they need someone to hate. So without further ado, I give you the Liberal List: Chapter 1 (complete with links for the more obscure).


John Adams
Samuel Adams
James Agee
Sherman Alexie
Muhammed Ali
Marion Anderson
Maya Angelou
Susan B. Anthony
Guillaume Apollinaire
Diane Arbus
Jerome Armstrong
Margaret Atwood
Erykah Badu
Ella Baker
James Baldwin
Roger Baldwin
Josiah Bartlett
Simone de Beauvoir
Ludwig van Beethoven
Walter Benjamin
Wendell Berry
Jello Biafra
Mary J. Blige
Judy Blume
Jon BonJovi
Inez Mulholland Bossevain
Jose Bove
David Bowie
Stewart Brand

To be continued....

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