Monday, January 10, 2005


"To me, the people have spoken."

Those were the words of Mel Gibson backstage at last night's People's Choice Awards after accepting the award for Best Film Drama. Funny thing is though, outside of Gibson's film The Passion(ate Tale Of Beating the Shit Out) Of The Christ, most of the awards went to strikingly unconservative-like winners.

For starters, the award for Best Film went to the ultra-unconservative Fahrenheit 9/11. Not bad for a movie full of "lies and propaganda." The award for Best TV Comedy went to the ultra-gay, anti-hetero show Will & Grace. So much for protecting the sanctity of one man and one woman. And finally, the award for Best New TV Drama went to the Monday Night Football controversy causing Desperate Housewives. Hooray for whores! To make matters worse for conservatives, it has been rumored on conservative websites that Mel Gibson went on to say that he felt a "kinship" with Michael Moore and that he liked Fahrenheit 9/11.

What I want to know is: How do movies like F 9/11 and shows like W & G win these awards based upon the votes of Americans when we're supposed to believe that this last election was won on values? Are we to believe that people who liked F 9/11 also voted for Bush? Are we supposed to believe that the eleven states who passed constitutional ammendments to ban gay marriage are laughing right along with the homosexuals on W & G? And what about all those people that were outraged over Nicolette Sheridan's towel stunt on Monday Night Football? I suppose they all voted for that family-values show Desperate Housewives.

In truth, I think Mel Gibson may be exactly right. The people have spoken. The only problem is they don't speak the language we've been led to believe they do. Unless, of course, they're hypocrites. No, I'm sure that would never happen.

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