Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Why Wait?

One of the things that plagued John Kerry during his run for President was his awful timing. He was accused of being soft on defense; so he waited. He was accused of being a flip flopper; so he waited. He was accused of lying about his military honors; so he waited. Finally, he began to fight back sometime around September. In the meantime, his reputation was dictated by the Republicans.

So I say, "Why wait?" If the Democrats want to win in '06 and '08 they need to get started now. It's never too early to start defining your opponent.

For instance, it's been announced that Newt Gingrich may be considering a run for the Presidency in 2008. Lord knows that Newt has plenty of baggage so let's start going through it. Let's drag out all the dirty laundry we can find. Put him on the defensive early and keep him there.

This is all part of my original proposal of controlling the language. We can't sit back and wait any longer. The minute a Republican announces that he or she may be considering a bid for office, we need to sic the dogs. Remember when Kerry announced that Edwards would be his veep? It took the Bush campaign about five minutes to post a web page listing all the negatives about him. My guess is that they had a page for very possible veep choice ready to go up as soon as Kerry made the announcement. We could take a lesson from that.

If we continue to wait, the Republicans will continue to define us. I say, "Why wait?" Strike early. Strike often.

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