Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Dueling Quotes

George W. Bush March 8, 2005:

Osama bin Laden on November 1, 2004:

Could it be that we're playing their game? As I write this, the cost of the war in Iraq, according to the counter on the left side of this site, is approaching $155 billion. That's $155 billion that's not being spent on our actual security here at home. Our nuclear and water facilities are still not sufficiently protected. Our borders are still very porous. The majority of cargo coming into this country is still going unscreened. All the while, our military is spread throughout the Middle East and unable to meet it's recruiting goals back home. Plus, our budget is running in the red and record deficits are predicted for the future.

So I want to know, "Who's running this show?" It certainly doesn't look like us.

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