Monday, May 16, 2005


Is That George W. Vader?

Now I have heard it all. The new Star Wars movie is anti-American!

Give me a break! Look, if conservative America has a guilty conscience about what has been done in their name, who's fault is that? George Lucas'? Please!

What's even funnier is the comments made by some of our best and brightest who were sent there by Matt Drudge. Let's sample some of their wisdom, shall we?

Oh my, I could read poetry like that for hours!

Unfortunately, the point these dolts are missing is that this story was written over thirty years ago. Georgie-boy was still trying to dodge the draft at that point. But the conservatives are not going to let a ripe chance like this go by without screaming about oppression. Oh, the poor downtrodden conservatives in this country. They are discriminated against on a daily basis. Honestly, this pathetic screed against the liberal media and Hollywood has really gone too far. Quit blaming them for your guilty conscience red America. The only person you have to blame is your own dear leader. He's the one that put you in this awkward situation of having to choose between loyalty to your country and your own conscience.

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