Monday, May 23, 2005


One Step Forward...

According to the AP, we have a deal.

I have to wonder...why? Why did the Democrats make this deal? What advantage have we gained? After opposing these nominees for all this time, we've just decided to say, "Okay, we give." WTF? Talk about caving in!

According to the actual agreement, the Democrats will only filibuster future nominees "under extraordinary circumstances." Once again, WTF? Who determines what are and what aren't extraordinary circumstances? Didn't we think that the current nominees were "extraordinary circumstances?" Isn't that why we were filibustering them in the first place. And what happens if we decide that the requirement of "extraordinary circumstances" has been reached and the Republicans don't agree? I think this quote from Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) pretty much sums it up:

Translation: "This deal doesn't mean a fucking thing. If the Democrats filibuster we just might decide to change our minds and reneg on the deal."

I don't get this deal. In my opinion, the Republicans just won. They got what they wanted without having to give up anything yet. If things don't go their way in the future, they'll just whip out the nuclear option again. We surrendered without them having to actually fire their weapon. They just waved it in our face and we threw up our hands. I really shouldn't be all that surprised I guess. After all, we're dealing with the likes of Lieberman and Salazar. If I were Harry Reid, I'd be pissed. These guys just cut the legs out from under him. How can we expect to be taken seriously in the future?

As they say, one step forward, two steps back. We can't continue to give in. We held the high ground on this issue. The polls were with us and we gave it up. Bad choice in my opinion. Bad choice.

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