Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Please Excuse My (Over)Reach

Has the warranty run out on our new government, because it looks like we're a little disappointed with it.

Wow! It only took four months and our Republican controlled everything has already worn out its welcome. Let's look at some of the numbers.

So how does something like this happen? After all, let's not forget that Georgieboy had a mandate just a few months ago. Remember? He was going to spend his political capital. Well, let's see. What has our Republican controlled government been focused on lately? I seem to recall Terri Schiavo being a big deal. Steroids. We've held hearings on that. Filibusters. Can't forget Poland the filibuster. Oh yeah, and there's that one guy that looks like Ron Goldman's father, what's his name....Oh! John Bolton; Bush's UN nominee that lied under oath.

You know, it's refreshing to see our Republican controlled government focused so intently on things like controlling the deficit, extricating ourselves from Iraq, solving the Social Security problem...wait...never mind.

You see, our Republican controlled government has spent so much time whining and posturing about the Democrats' unwillingness to kiss their ass, that they've neglected their duties. All the while they're cozying up to the radical fringes of their party, protecting an ethical train wreck, and running from their past. Meanwhile, the American public, red and blue alike, is getting tired of the excuses, the lies, the abuses, and the empty promises.

So it comes as no surprise that the public is less than satisfied with its choice this past November. In fact, all of the latest polls show a lean toward the Democrats regaining control of Congress in 2006. Man! That buyer's remorse sure is a bitch, isn't it. Heh!

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