Thursday, May 12, 2005


Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Apparently Sen. George Voinovich is, if the big bad wolf is the Republican party leadership. I take back everything I said about him. He pussed out, plain and simple.

If he's the wrong man then Voinovich should have voted against him and saved the full Senate from having to waste time voting on the wrong fucking man! Apparently, Voinovich decided to pull a Hagel. He'll vote for him in committee but not in the full Senate. WTF? You see, originally I thought that this was just a way for Sen. Hagel to save face. He would vote to send him to the floor but then vote against him so he could go back home and pretend his hands were clean if everything went bad. But after hearing Voinovich's words today, I think there's more to this than just chickenshit politics. Voinovich said:

Do you see it now? I do. This is about the nuclear option. A while ago I posted about my thoughts on the Bolton nomination.

This is a set up and now Voinovich is on board as well. The Republicans are using the Bolton nomination as fodder for their anti-filibuster fight. They know the Democrats are going to oppose him and this only helps them to paint the left as the party of obstruction. Meanwhile they're selling their souls to Frist and Rove in the name of party loyalty.

What's truly awful about this is that it's the American people who will suffer so the Republican party can gain a little political capital. The face of America at the UN will now be that of John Bolton. When the world's ambassadors deal with us it will be done through a brash, manipulative, "kiss-up, kick-down" person. But hey, it'll make the Democrats look bad, so fuck it!

So I want to know...Who's playing politics now?

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