Thursday, May 05, 2005


"You Stole My Jesus Fish!"

Ah, the undeniable wisdom of David Putty.

That was the thought that came to mind as I read this:

(If you're not familiar with the Scopes Monkey Trial, it's a facinating story. It was as much theater as it was debate. For a [somewhat] quick synopsis, check out this site. In my opinion, it makes today's legal shows like Law & Order seem very mundane in terms of courtroom drama.)

I believe that the Kansas State Board of Education may be on the verge of a legal catastrophe. To understand why, we must go back to 1968 and the Supreme Court decision in Susan EPPERSON et al., Appellants, v. ARKANSAS. No. 7.

The case was brought by an Arkansas science teacher against the State because she feared legal repurcussions if she addressed the subject of evolution as put forth in the school districts new textbook. At the time, Arkasas (and Mississippi) had a law on the books making it illegal to teach any scientific theory that was in opposition to the book of Genisis. With the support of a local parent, the case was brought to a hearing in front of the Arkansas Supreme Court which upheld the law. Upon appeal to the US Supreme Court the court found in favor of the teacher and declared the law unconstitutional.

Make no mistake about it. Intelligent design is the new guise for creationism as put forth in the Book of Genisis. And according to the Intelligent Design Network's website, their best argument for the inclusion of intelligent design appears to be "Hey, why not." Check out the PDF titled "TEN REASONS WHY "EVOLUTION ONLY" IS LOGICALLY, SCIENTIFICALLY AND LEGALLY CONTROVERSIAL." The only real "reason" that I can come up with based upon this document is because they don't believe in evolution. They have no scientific evidence to prove their position. Maybe it's just me, but I find it ironic that they want their "ID" theory taught in science class, yet can't provide any true scientific evidence to support it. But hey, that's conservatives for you. They aren't going to let something as trivial as proof or facts get in the way of ramming their agenda down your throat.

What the KSBE is doing has already been declared unconstitutional. Basically, they are trying to sneak one past the goalie under the cloak of science. If the board votes in favor of intelligent design and this is allowed to go forth, it will open the door to more and more religious influence in the public schools thereby igniting a political firestorm all across the country that would legalize censorship and discrimination. This can not be allowed to happen. Write to your local newspapers. Call your local radio hosts. Make sure that people are aware of this potential hijacking of our Constitution. With enough pressure, the KSBE may actually bow to common sense.

The key passage from the 1968 Supreme Court decision:

Be sure to cite this in your letters. Refer to it in your conversations. The law is on our side.

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