Friday, June 10, 2005


But Wait...There's More

Last night I tried to explain the connection between the ExxonMobil Corporation and the Bush White House. Long story short, through groups like the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the American Enterprise Institute, ExxonMobil appears to be steering the Bush administration's environmental policy and is responsible for their anti-global warming stance.

But with a little more digging and the help of ElGringo from DailyKos, I've found that the ExxonMobil/CEI/AEI connection extends even further than I thought. The three main players in last night's post were Roger Bate, Michael S. Greve, and Joel Schwartz. All three men were associated with both CEI and AEI. As it turns out, they are also associated with a number of other ExxonMobil funded groups as are some of their CEI and AEI colleagues.

All of the following organizations boast members of CEI or AEI amongst their rosters and all have received money from ExxonMobil:

For a grand total of $1,566,523. And that's just in 2002 alone! How much do you suppose they've spent in the last four-plus years since Bush took office?

Through the CEI and the AEI, ExxonMobil has its fingers in a lot of pies right now. And not just any pies but some very influential pies, indeed. These think-tanks are advising on governmental policy as we speak. And ExxonMobil's reach gets longer and longer the deeper I dig.

Scared yet? I am.

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