Monday, June 13, 2005


It Sucks to be Old

Kissfan is discovering, the hard way, that he is not as young as he thinks he is. He is currently in bed with an Icy Hot patch on his back wishing that he was 18 again. So tonight, you get me - Mrs. Kissfan!

Every summer, the men in this area gather at the park and partake in an annual tradition known as Men's League Softball. Kissfan has been playing on the same team for several years now. The team is made up of a group of thirtysomethings who work for the school district. They are extremely foul mouthed and not very good at the game of softball. But they have a good time and are entertaining to watch, so the local chiropractor keeps sponsoring them (Doc plays on the team also).

Yesterday was opening day for the old guys and all the other teams. I always know when game time is approaching because I can smell Kissfan coming. He spends a good 30 minutes at home spreading BenGay all over his elbows and knees. He then puts on a nasty bright yellow T-shirt that has no neck or sleeves, and heads for the park. Once he gets there, he spends another 20 minutes stretching and making fun of the other teams who actually have a game plan. I didn't go to watch yesterday. I stayed home with the little Kissfans who were playing in the sprinkler. When Kissfan returned I asked him how much he lost by. I know it sounds cruel, but a win is a big event because it hardly ever happens. The funny part was that he told me that the other team was terrible and that this is the only game that they will probably win. I'm thinking, "That's one more than you." He started limping around, but he didn't really say anything. We took the littlest little Kissfan to his T-Ball game and Kissfan fidgeted a bit on the bleachers, but he still didn't say anything. It wasn't until breakfast this morning that he finally admitted that he pulled something in his back while playing softball. He's been moving slow all day. We took the older little Kissfan to his Little League game tonight, and Kissfan couldn't sit on the bleachers for very long. He had to keep taking walks. Does anyone else see the irony in all of this? Think about who sponsors the team.

So here you are stuck with me. I follow politics, but I can't write about it the way Kissfan does. Hopefully he'll be feeling better tomorrow and back at the computer. If not, you might get me again - I'll find something else to make fun of him for. Maybe I'll tell you why I have to stock up on Band-Aids every summer. Who knows. Until then, thanks for listening.

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