Tuesday, June 14, 2005


NBC - Still Nothing But Crap!

For a while, I thought I might have to retract last week's statement about NBC. As I watched tonight's NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchell reported not only on the Downing Street Memo, but seven total documents from the UK that the network has verified as authentic. I couldn't believe it. My jaw nearly hit the floor. Were they actually reporting something newsworthy? I had expected them to spend more time discussing the Michael Jackson verdict. I even called Mrs. kissfan over to watch. This was going to be real news. But then they ran the story and I knew that it was still the same ol' NBC. (I know, I'm not supposed to reprint the whole thing, but so what. It's necessary to make my point)

Basically, the point of this story is that the British thought we were fucking it up. Fine, I understand that. But they're missing the obvious. They can't see the proverbial forest. Look at the dates on these memos. All of them from early to mid 2002. So in my mind, this begs the following question: Why were we told this on August 27, 2002?

Why can't NBC ask the obvious questions? Why is it that they are afraid to do their job? We were lied to and these documents prove it. Plain and simple, WE WERE LIED TO!

I've got to stop watching the mainstream news. One of these days I'm liable to blow a gasket or something.

BTW - I don't know how Mrs. kissfan got the keys to the joint, but I've put them in a new hiding place. She kept trying to injure me today so that she could post more stories. I told her not to worry, we've still got a whole softball season to go. She'll get her chance.

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