Friday, July 22, 2005


Do You Think?

Well, it's Friday and the Rove scandal keeps on going. Hunter over at dailyKos has a great roundup of what's happening thus far. And it's not looking good for the White House.

But with everything that's happened, it's started me thinking. As the investigation moves on, it looks to be reaching further and further into the White House with everyone from Rove to Libby to Fleischer to even John Bolton possibly being involved. So naturally I've been wondering, just how far this will go. With Libby being Cheney's Chief of Staff, could it go as far as the VP's office? And if it makes it to Cheney, is it that much of a stretch to think that it could reach Bush himself? I'm not saying that Bush was the leaker or even authorized the leak, but the other day I asked the question, "What did Bush know and when did he know it?" This could prove to be a very important question. As I said the other day there are really three possible answers to the question:
  1. Rove lied to Bush - This would be the best possible outcome for Bush. He could fire Rove and anyone else involved and make it look like he was cleaning house.
  2. Bush knew about Rove's involvement and helped to cover it up - This would be the worst possible outcome for Bush. He would then be complicit in covering up a crime.
  3. Bush didn't care enough to find out the truth - Probably the most likely outcome, but it makes him look bad.

Let's say for the sake of argument that it does reach as far as Bush and the answer to the question is number 2. This would mean that Bush was complicit in covering up a crime. Hmmmm... where have I heard this before? When has a President been guilty of covering up a crime? That's right: Watergate.

A few years back, John W. Dean wrote a book called Worse Than Watergate. One of the things I remember from the book was Dean's comparison of the secrecy of the Nixon and Bush White Houses. He claimed that there were scandals simmering just below the surface that could eventually bring down Bush and his entire administration. It's beginning to look as though John Dean's book could prove to be quite prophetic. The parallels are really unnerving. Even some of the players are the same. It's quite striking.

So I've been wondering, could this be Bush's Watergate? Could this be the thing that brings him down? It all hinges on which one of those answers turns out to be true. If it's number two, we could be looking at a major blow to not just the Bush White House but the entire Republican party.

So now I have a question for you, dear reader: Do you think? Could it be? Ponder that this weekend. I'll see you all back here Monday night.

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