Thursday, July 21, 2005


He's Back!

Try as they might, the Republicans just can't get away from Rove-gate. Sure, they got a little reprieve with the nomination of Roberts but then today, there it was again: Washington Post, page A01, above the fold.

Ahhhh! The media does its job. There will be plenty of time to discuss Roberts in the upcoming months. Right now, Rove's the word.

But while the WaPo story is nice, it looks as if there's more to come. According to Think Progress, the shit's going to be hitting the fan soon and it's not just splattering on Rove but Libby as well.

For almost five years now we've been watching the Bush administration deflect scandal after scandal. Fixing intelligence? Who cares? Not the media. Avoiding responsibility? So what? We've got Terri Schiavo to worry about. Lying about military service? Big deal! Homosexual fake reporters lobbing softball questions in the press room? Get out of town! Well, no more. They can deflect all they want, but there's simply too much shit flying around. The media smells blood and they're on the attack.

So what will Georgieboy do? Will he cut his losses or will he go down with the ship? Considering his debt to good ol' Karl, I'm guessing he'll ride this one all the way to the bottom. I can only imagine the dirt Rove's got on W. If Georgieboy kicks Karl to the curb, Karl could sing like a soprano in a Wagner opera. And don't think he wouldn't. Rove is a nasty mother-fucker. He'd cut his own mother if he thought there was some political capital to be earned. If Bush screws him, the knives will come out.

This could be good.

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