Monday, July 11, 2005


"No Comment"

Poor Scotty. I'll bet those words he's been eating lately are giving him an upset stomach. And after today's press briefing, he must have been downing the TUMS like they were M&Ms.

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading this. How many times and how many ways can someone say "no comment?"

Unfortunately for Scotty, though, he's already commented. Several times. Like July 22, 2003, July 23, 2003, September 16, 2003, September 29, 2003, October 1, 2003, October 7, 2003, and October 10, 2003. (Thanks to Billmon for the research.)

What's more is that in many of these instances, Scotty-boy claimed to have spoken with Karl Rove and says that Karl assured him that he wasn't the leaker. Now I'm not the smartest person in the world, but even I can tell that this means someone was lying. The question is, was it Karl or was it Scott? Not that it matters, after all a lie is a lie. But if it was Scott who was doing the lying then how can he be taken at his word from here on out. I realize that it's his job to spin for the White House, but to out and out lie to the American people is something completely different. If he didn't talk to Karl and claimed he had, it's a lie. If he did talk to Karl and knew the truth then it's an even bigger lie and it makes him complicit in the attempt to cover up a crime. Furthermore, I think it's important that we find out who else knew the truth and when.

After the leak was first revealed in Robert Novak's column, Georgie-boy vowed to fire the person or person's responsible. (Like this White House is big on responsibility.) It will be interesting to see how far the responsibility goes. Does it only apply to the leaker himself or does it apply to those who helped him cover it up as well? If it does, this could reach deep into the administration.

As is the case with most things Bush, however, I'm not expecting much in the way of follow-through on George's promise. In fact, I believe that if push comes to shove we can expect to see a presidential pardon handed down to those responsible. In George Bush's America, anything goes if it's to his advantage.

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