Friday, July 15, 2005


Show Me The Money!

Hop in. The way-back machine's ready to go. Destination: March 28, 2003.

Oh, the good old days. Full of optimism and hope. Now back to the present.


How the fuck can we not keep track of $20 billion? Could we be more incompetent? I really don't have anything witty to say about this. I'm completely appalled by our ineptitude. This is yet another example of the Bush administration not having a fucking clue about what they're doing.

God damn! Are we doing those Iraqis a favor or what? We bombed the shit out of their country, we've allow insurgents from all over the world into the country to fight in their streets causing the deaths of over 8,000 Iraqis in the last 10 months and we don't even have the common fucking sense to keep track of $20 billion of their money. Could there be any doubt that we are dealing with the WORST ADMINISTRATION EVER?


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